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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
            Austin                       Texas

From:  Jerry Demo
To:  Jim Myers, P.E.
Date:  August 28, 1979
Subject:  Applicability of NSPS Subpart Y - Standards of
          Performance for Coal Preparation Plants

Subpart Y is applicable to any of the following affected
facilities in coal preparation plants which process more than
200 tons per day:  Thermal dryers, pneumatic coal cleaning
equipment (air tables), coal processing and conveying
equipment, coal storage systems and coal transfer and loading


"Coal preparation plant" means any facility (excluding
underground mining operations) which prepares coal by one or
more of the following processes:  breaking, crushing,
screening, wet or dry cleaning and thermal drying.

"Coal" means all solid fossil fuels classified as anthracite,
bituminous, subbituminous or lignite.

"Coal storage system" means any facility used to store coal
except for open storage piles.

"Coal processing and conveying equipment" means any machinery
used to reduce the size of coal or to separate coal from
refuse and the equipment used to convey coal to or remove coal
and refuse from the machinery.  This includes, but is not
limited to breakers, crushers, screens and conveyor belts.

Since facilities such as power plants, cement kilns and lime
kilns have some sort of breakers, crushers or screens in their
coal handling, Subpart Y of 40 CFR 60 does apply if these coal
preparation plants can process more than 200 tons per day.

cc:  James Draper, Source Evaluation
     Regional Supervisors