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        General BACT guideline for coating processes

General Painting Facilities

  Process Controls:

     Volatile Organic Compound (VOC):  Water (H2O)-based
     coatings, high solids content coatings, low VOC coatings.

     (Ultraviolet (UV) or powder coatings can be used in very
     limited cases)

     Application:   Airless, High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP),
                    Electrostatic, dipping, rolling,

     Particulate Matter (PM): 

     Filters:  at least 95 percent efficiency; 99 percent
               efficiency if metals.
     Baghouse:  0.01 grain/standard cubic foot

     Add on control:     Manned booths - may be required if 
                         80 tons per year (TPY). 
                         Unmanned booths - may be required if
                         > 40 TPY.

     Also need good ventilation system to minimize fugitive

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Manufacturing

     General BACT:  Low VOC bead content; minimize fugitive
                    emissions with good ventilation design. 
                    Add on control required for emissions of
                    pentane  20 TPY.   

Semiconductor Manufacturing

     General BACT:  Separate emission exhaust streams for
                    acids, caustics, VOCs, and reactive
                    gasses.  If cannot separate, use dual-
                    stage scrubber.  Acid and caustic gas
                    streams should be routed to scrubbers
                    with a minimum overall control efficiency
                    of 85 percent.  Reactive gasses such as
                    silane or arsine shall be vented to a
                    burn box.  VOC emissions which will
                    exceed 50 TPY (before controls) from any
                    building (one or more FAB lines) will
                    need add-on control.  VOC emissions which
                    will exceed 80 TPY (before controls) from
                    the site (two or more buildings) will
                    need add on control.