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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
         Austin                       Texas

From:  Lawrence E. Pewitt, P.E., Director, Permits Division
To:  Permit Engineers
Date:  March 7, 1985
Subject:  Confidential Information

In order to ensure that there is a clear understanding as to
what may be maintained as confidential information and what
must be made available for public review, the following
information is part of the public file:

1.  Emission data on Table 1(a) is public information. 
    Reference Attorney General's Opinion No. H-836

2.  The PI-1 or PI-1R is public information and all other
    information may be claimed and maintained as confidential by a
    company and we will maintain the information as confidential. 

All confidential information must be clearly indicated as
confidential and maintained in confidential locked files.  

cc:  Regional Directors