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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
                 Austin                       Texas

From:  Lawrence E. Pewitt, P.E., Director, Permits Division
To:  Permit Engineers 
Date:  March 14, 1989
Subject:  Permit Renewal Fees

The permit renewal fee is based on allowable emissions.  The
allowable emissions are those established during renewal

In certain cases a company may want the renewal review of more
than one permit conducted at the same time and combined into
one permit after renewal review.  In this case the renewal fee
should be based on the allowable emissions from each permit.

The base fee plus the incremental fee must be furnished for
each permit previously issued.

If you have questions about this matter, please contact your

cc:  Mr. James C. Myers, P.E., Director, Enforcement Program
     Mr. Steve N. Spaw, P.E., Deputy Executive Director
       Regional Directors