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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
           Austin                       Texas

From:  Eli Bell, Deputy Director, Control & Prevention Program
To:  Cecil Bradford, Director, Compliance
     Pete Roberts, Ph.D., P.E., Director, Permits & Source
Date:  September 22, 1980
Subject:  NSPS Applicability to Cement Kilns Firing an
          Alternative Fuel

Condition No. 6 of EPA's November 14, 1973, delegation to the
Board of authority to implement New Source Performance
Standards (NSPS) requires this agency to accept all EPA
interpretations of 40 CFR 60.  Therefore, we will not require
cement kilns converting to alternate fuels under the
circumstances to meet the emission allowables prescribed by
the NSPS applicable to such facilities constructed after
August 17, 1971.  The documents describe the General Portland,
Incorporated kiln fuel conversion.  Such conversions will
nevertheless remain subject to the requirements of Regulation

cc:     Regional Supervisors