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     Office of Air Quality, Permitting & Enforcement Division

               Mechanical Section Policy Memorandum


Date:  March 24, 1994                          No.: 12

From:  Kevin Ellis

Approved by:  Gary Wallin, P.E. 

Subject:  Waste Blend Fuel Oil use in Std. Ex. 99



Waste blend fuel oil shall not be approved for use in Standard
Exemption No. 99.  By definition, standard exemptions will not
make a significant contribution of air contaminants to the
atmosphere.  The use of waste blend fuel oil has the potential
to make such a contribution, therefore requiring a permit.  


CSA Materials operates two standard exempted asphalt concrete
plants that were previously authorized to burn a 'refined'
waste blend fuel.  CSA Materials wished to temporarily operate
an additional asphalt concrete plant under Standard Exemption
No. 99 at this existing site, utilizing the current fuel
tanks, until a permit was obtained for the plant at a grass
roots site.

Necessary Action:  None

cc:  All Mechanical Section