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         Office of Air Quality, New Source Review Program

               Mechanical Section Policy Memorandum


Date:  December 20, 1994                          No.: 16

From:  Wesley Smith

Approved by:  Gary Wallin, P.E. 

Subject:  Standard Exemption No. 94



Equipment used in the soil stabilization facility are covered
by the exemption.


If a soil stabilization plant is involved in petroleum based
soil remediation (stabilization), crushers and screens can be
associated with the operation since this equipment is
considered to be an integral part of the process.  Soil
stabilization cannot occur if there are clumps of material,
and therefore the crusher/screens are necessary to break up
the petroleum contaminated dirt in order to establish a
consistent mixture.  This equipment does not require a
separate exemption/permit.  The soil from this type
remediation is inherently low in dust and should pose little
problem when being crushed and screened.

Necessary Action:  None

cc:  All Mechanical Section