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     Office of Air Quality, Permitting & Enforcement Division
               Mechanical Section Policy Memorandum

Date:  June  2, 1995     No.: 18   
From:  Skip Clark, P.E.
Approved by:  Gary I. Wallin, P.E.
Subject:  S. E. No. 58:  Metal Melting and Holding Furnaces


The intent of Standard Exemption No. 58 (S.E. No. 58) is to
allow the melting and holding of listed metals that require no
additional processing prior to their use.  The exemption
states that specific processes used for metal conditioning or
purifying are not authorized, i.e. smelting, reduction,
sweating, metal separation, or distilling.  In other words, to
meet the conditions of S.E. No. 58, the metal received by a
facility must not need further processing, other than melting
or being held in a molten state.  This exemption was not
intended to be used for recycling purposes


A facility that requires the use of molten metal for
manufacturing purposes will receive the quality and quantity
of the metal from suppliers based on their specifications.  It
is the suppliers responsibility to ensure the metal meets the
specification requirements.  The manufacturing facility does
not have to do any additional metal processing beyond melting
and holding.

The intent of S.E. No. 58 was to allow the melting of clean
ingot, pigs, or clean recycle scrap for only those metals
listed in the exemption.  Recycling of scrap metals usually
produces more air contaminates because of the impurities that
are present, such as oil, grease, paint, rubber, plastics. 
S.E. No. 96 addresses recycling of aluminum and copper, and it
requires an afterburner to control the air emissions from this

Necessary Action:  None

cc:  All Mechanical Section