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     Office of Air Quality, Permitting & Enforcement Division

               Mechanical Section Policy Memorandum


Date:  February 10, 1994                            No.: 6 

From:  Mike Gould

Approved by:  Gary Wallin, P.E.

Subject:  Standard Exemption No. 57



The storage tank(s) needed for the chemical used in
the surface conditioning of metal objects is covered under
Standard Exemption No. 57.  


Highland Pump Company requested Standard Exemption No. 57 for
a nitriding process where they heated steel tubulars in an
electric furnace in the presence of ammonia.  This implies
there is a storage tank somewhere to keep the ammonia for the
nitriding operation.  This storage tank would be covered under
No. 57 rather than needing a separate exemption for the
storage tank.

Necessary Action:  none

cc:  All Mechanical Section