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     Office of Air Quality, Permitting & Enforcement Division

               Mechanical Section Policy Memorandum


Date:  April 15, 1994                          No.: 7

From:  Mechanical Team

Approved by:  Gary I. Wallin, P.E.

Subject:  Denial Policy for Standard Exemptions



Denials for standard exemptions are authorized under
the following conditions:     

An applicant has ten working days to respond to a documented
request for information.  The request for information must be 
documented in the file with a telephone memo, fax sheet, or  
deficiency letter.  The reviewer should advice the applicant
of the time restrictions placed on processing exemptions.  If
the reviewer does not receive a complete response to the
request for information within the ten days, then the reviewer
should make contact with the applicant to determine when the
information will be available.  If the required information
cannot be submitted in time to meet exemption backlog
guidelines, then the reviewer may deny the application.  

The amount of additional information required to complete the
exemption will extend the review period beyond thirty days. 

The applicant violates the conditions of the standard
exemption and/or 116.211 requirements.   

In all cases, reviewer judgement is applied.

Final Denial Packages will include: 

Original request 
Mikie (New Source Review Program Project Tracking Sheet)
Denial letter  (Note:  Denial letter must clearly explain the
reason(s) for denial.)   
Point Source Database (PSDB) page 1 (if applicable)  

The denial letter will include the dates that contact was made
or attempted and will be routed through the team leader and
the Mechanical Section Manager.


To provide a consistent and objective policy for standard
exemption denials and establish the contents of a denial

Necessary Action:  None

cc:  All Mechanical Section           

Added 4-20-94