Effects Screening Levels

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Some Special Notations and Exceptions Regarding The Effects Screening Levels (ESL) Lists

This page provides important information (notations and exceptions) to users on use of ESLs in air permitting. Exceptions provided in the document include how to evaluate a compound designated with PM, as well as exceptions to the 1-hr averaging period. This memorandum was previously provided with the ESL Published Lists under the Cover Memo tab. With the new Toxicity Factor Database, this memorandum will now be housed here for reference.

TCEQ Effects Screening Level (ESL) Derivation Request Form

This page contains the TCEQ ESL Derivation Request Form. Customers can contact the Toxicology Division to determine if a screening level has been established for a constituent that is not listed in the database. If no screening level exists for the constituent, then all customers must complete this form and submit it to the Toxicology Division staff.