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TCEQ Announces Lead Testing in School and Child Care Program’s New Online Portal

Sept. 20, 2022 - Schools and child care facilities in Texas can track progress, view results, and complete their program through this online portal

Contact: Laura Lopez

Phone: 512-239-5011

After Hrs: 512-239-5000

The Lead Testing in School and Child Care Program trains participants to collect samples, tests their drinking water for lead, and helps them take action to reduce lead in drinking water.

This free statewide program has a new online portal to help eligible schools and child care facilities conduct voluntary sampling and analysis for lead in drinking water.

TCEQ offers free sampling materials, sample collector training, laboratory testing, and on-going support for participants to successfully complete the program. All materials and instructions are delivered directly to participants.

Any Texas public school (K-12) or state-regulated child care facility is eligible to enroll and participate in the program, and TCEQ is directly reaching out to prioritized school and child care facilities. Priority is given to:

  • Schools and child care programs in low-income areas (e.g. Schools with at least 50% of the children receiving free and reduced lunch and Head Start facilities);
  • Elementary and child care programs that primarily care for children six years and under; and
  • Older facilities that are more likely to contain lead plumbing, fixtures, and solder.

TCEQ encourages all interested Texas public schools and state-regulated child care facilities to enroll and participate in the program.

As part of this program, participants will also receive recommended actions to reduce lead in drinking water and help with locating resources for remediation.

Financial support for the program is made possible by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This program is part of a nationwide effort established by the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation (WIIN) Act, Section 2107 developed by the EPA and implemented by the TCEQ. 

Those interested in learning more or enrolling in the program can visit the voluntary lead testing page ( on the TCEQ website.