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Permits, authorizations and requirements for air quality, waste, and process water and stormwater discharges from animal-feeding and other agricultural operations.

Agricultural Waste Pesticides

A description of agricultural waste pesticides and the importance of their proper disposal or recycling.

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Requirements and options for treating and discharging process water, stormwater, or both from operations that qualify for coverage under General Permit TXG920000.

Water Quality Permits for Agriculture

Permits and other authorizations required for animal feeding operations, concentrated animal feeding operations, and other agricultural operations.

Air Quality Standard Permits for Agriculture

How to qualify for or claim any of these air quality standard permits for agricultural sources or facilities.

New Source Review for Agricultural Sources

Guidance for obtaining permits for new facilities or modifications to existing facilities that will result in increased air emissions. For specific facilities related to agricultural activities - for example, cotton gins, dairies, feedlots, feed mills, fertilizer handling or storage.