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Optional Enhanced Measures: Water Quality Protections for the Edwards Aquifer

Links to letters and TCEQ publications about using optional enhanced measures to protect federally listed species from potential water quality impacts to the Edwards Aquifer.

Applicants who properly employ optional water quality measures may receive TCEQ approval letters stating that the measures were met. These optional measures, voluntary under the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program, will protect certain federally listed species from potential water quality impacts that may have otherwise resulted from development over the Edwards Aquifer region.

Some situations still warrant direct consultation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), including projects:

  • located near springs;
  • requiring a federal permit;
  • that are unrelated to water quality and affect listed species; and
  • affecting other listed species not covered by the measures.

Letters of Concurrence

The USFWS issued letters on September 4, 2007, to Governor Rick Perry and the TCEQ about the following TCEQ guidance documents: