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Underground Storage Tank Facility Plan

Provides the definition of an Underground Storage Tank facility plan, outlines who is required to submit a plan to TCEQ, lists the required forms, and provides fee information.

A UST facility plan is a detailed plan that outlines best management practices that will be implemented in order to protect water quality when a regulated underground storage tank is proposed in the Edwards Aquifer recharge or transition zone.

A UST facility plan is required for the construction or rehabilitation of a storage tank system or systems containing hydrocarbon or hazardous substance where the system(s) are located on the recharge zone or transition zone. A UST system includes tanks, piping, and related systems. 30 TAC 213.5(a)(3)

A UST facility plan must go through the application submission and review process and be approved prior to the commencement of installation of the tank system.

The fee is $650 per tank or piping system. For additional information on fees, view the Application Fee Form TCEQ-0574 ( PDF, Word), which includes a complete fee schedule.

Use the forms listed below to prepare your UST facility plan application.

If you are installing an organized sewage collection system, an aboveground storage tank, or conducting other regulated activities, visit Edwards Aquifer Protection Plan: What Forms You Might Need to determine if additional forms are required.

Application Cover Page

General Information

Geologic Assessment

  • Form TCEQ-0585 ( PDF, Word)
  • Instructions to Geologists TCEQ-0585-Instructions ( PDF, Word)
  • Geologic Assessment Table TCEQ-0585-Table ( PDF, Excel)

Underground Storage Tank Facility Plan Application

Temporary Stormwater Section

Permanent Stormwater Section

Agent Authorization

  • Form TCEQ-0599 ( PDF, Word), if application submitted by agent

Application Fee

  • Form TCEQ-0574 ( PDF, Word)
  • Check payable to the “Texas Commission on Environmental Quality”

Core Data Form

  • Form TCEQ-10400 Word)
  • Core Data Form Standards ( PDF)
  • TCEQ-10400-Instructions ( PDF)

  • Do not leave any questions unanswered. If a question does not apply to your site, enter “N/A” in the blank and briefly explain why the question does not apply.
  • Double-walled tanks and product delivery piping are required.
  • Continuous leak detection is required that will alert the owner at all times, even when the facility is not occupied.
  • Containment sumps beneath piping sumps are also required elements of the plan.

If you are located in Williamson, Travis, or Hays County, call the TCEQ’s Austin Regional Office at (512) 339-2929.
For help in Comal, Bexar, Medina, Uvalde, or Kinney County, call TCEQ’s San Antonio Regional Office at (210) 490-3096.