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ITC Terminal Fire Update

TCEQ is actively monitoring the multi-tank fire and its aftermath at Intercontinental Terminals Co. in Deer Park.


Important information View our latest news release on the situation (posted 3/31/2019, 3:00 p.m.)

Correspondence with Elected Officials

Important information View letters received from elected officials and our responses to them.

Water Quality Monitoring

The TCEQ is assessing surface water quality data collected by our contractor, EPA, and ITC since March 18. We will post sampling results as we analyze the data.

As of Saturday, March 23, we are collecting water samples in the Houston Ship Channel and Galveston Bay to address surface water quality impacts from releases associated with the ongoing ITC incident.

Then to better characterize the potential extent of impact, beginning Sunday, March 24, additional surface water quality sampling is being conducted by TCEQ at various beach areas.

We will post sampling results as we analyze the data.

Important information View Water Quality Monitoring Data

Air Quality Monitoring

Our ambient air monitoring network routinely collects data from stationary monitors around the Houston area. However on March 18, in response to the ITC fire, we deployed two additional air monitoring stations strategically located in coordination with the unified command for the incident. In addition, our environmental investigators have been conducting hand-held monitoring and using air monitoring vans in the area, and EPA’s ASPECT airplane and TAGA bus are providing air monitoring flights over the area. We post monitoring results as we analyze the data.

Important information View Air Quality Monitoring Data