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2018 Archived Rules

A repository for historical rules for fiscal year 2018.
These links will take you to all copies of the rules archived by the Texas Records and Information Locator (TRAIL) service .

The rules below are listed in ascending numerical order.

The rule project number is composed of the following elements: fiscal year (first two digits); sequence number (the number of the project in sequence starting with the first project of the fiscal year — middle three digits); chapter (the chapter number of the rulemaking project — last three digits).

FY 18 Sequence 003 Chapter 116

FY 18 Sequence 014 Chapter PET

FY 18 Sequence 017 Chapter 336

FY 18 Sequence 018 Chapter 011

FY 18 Sequence 019 Chapter 106

FY 18 Sequence 025 Chapter PET

FY 18 Sequence 037 Chapter PET