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Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) Program

Information relating to the TxLED program, approved alternative diesel fuel formulations, producer/importer registration forms, quarterly reporting forms, alternative emission reduction plan (AERP) forms, and regulatory guidance. The TxLED Program is implemented to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides from diesel-powered motor vehicles and non-road equipment.

Basic Requirements

The TxLED regulations apply to all diesel fuel sold or supplied as fuel for motor vehicles and non-road equipment operating in 110 central and eastern Texas counties.

TxLED must contain less than 10 percent aromatic hydrocarbons by volume and must have a cetane number of 48 or greater, or else must use an approved alternative formulation or comply with the designated alternative limits.

Diesel producers may also use an approved alternative emission-reduction plan to comply with the TxLED regulations.

Diesel fuel producers and importers that produce or import diesel fuel for use in the affected 110 counties are required to register with the TCEQ and submit quarterly reports.

TxLED registration forms and TxLED quarterly reporting forms are supplied by the TCEQ.

Related Rules

Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (30 TAC) 114.6 — Low Emission Fuel Definitions Exit the TCEQ
30 TAC 114.312–114.319 — Low Emission Diesel Exit the TCEQ

More Questions? Contact the TxLED Program!

For more information, please contact Michael Regan, Air Quality Planning Section, at 512-239-2988 or email and specify “TxLED Program” in the subject line.

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