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Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) Stakeholder Group

Information about the TxLED Stakeholder Group, including meeting minutes and a schedule of future meetings.

The TxLED Stakeholder Group is an open-participation group that will meet periodically to discuss issues and topics related to the TxLED Program and to solicit stakeholder input relating to potential revisions to the program.

About the TxLED Stakeholder Group

The TxLED Stakeholder Group is open to the public; therefore, anyone who wishes to join may attend the meetings. The group has included representatives from the petroleum refining and distribution industry, environmental groups, public interest groups, and individual citizens.


Participation in the TxLED Stakeholder Group is open to anyone who wishes to attend its meetings. The member list posted here will be updated periodically.

Schedule of Future Meetings

The date of the next meeting has not yet been determined.

Minutes and Agendas of Past Meetings

November 1, 2011, Meeting

September 1, 2011, Meeting

More Questions? Contact the TxLED Program!

For more information, please contact Michael Regan, Air Quality Planning Section, at (512) 239-2988 or email and specify “TxLED Stakeholder Group” in the subject line.

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