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TxLED Alternative Emission-Reduction Plans (AERP)

A diesel-fuel producer may use an approved AERP to demonstrate compliance with the Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED) regulations.

TxLED Unified Model Calculator for AERPs

You must use the TxLED Unified Model Calculator when preparing your AERP to ensure that it will demonstrate compliance with the TxLED regulations.

The TxLED Unified Model Calculator contains all of the formulas necessary to calculate compliance with the current AERP requirements.

Note: All AERP diesel-offset credits generated from early gasoline sulfur reductions expired on December 31, 2010.

TxLED AERP Submittal Form

You must submit an AERP Submittal Form to us for approval before you can begin using your AERP to comply with the TxLED regulations.

  • AERP Submittal Form Microsoft Word Document /

Related Rules

Title 30 Texas Administrative Code 114.318 — Alternative Emission Reduction Plan

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