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Auto GCs

Information about Auto GCs in the state of Texas.
Data Collected by Automated Gas Chromatographs (AutoGCs)
Links to air toxics data collected by the TCEQ's AutoGCs, a description of why this data is collected and how it is used, and monitoring network and program contact information.
Automated Gas Chromatographs (AutoGCs) Support Information
More information about AutoGCs including what AutoGCs monitor, why, the limitations, and contact information.
Automated Gas Chromatographs (AutoGCs) Barnett Shale Monitoring Network
Information about the TCEQ's AutoGCs monitoring network in Barnett Shale area, including links to data.
Performance Evaluations of TCEQ Automated Gas Chromatograph (AutoGC) Monitors
Specifically concerning monitors in the city of Dish and the Eagle Mountain Lake area