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TCEQ Monitoring Network Plans and Lead Waiver Requests

Historical air-monitoring network plans, lead waivers, and EPA responses.

Under the requirements of 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 58, the TCEQ reviews its air monitoring network each year and creates a monitoring network plan to demonstrate how Texas is meeting or will meet federal air monitoring requirements. The monitoring plan includes proposed changes from the previous year and future proposed changes to the monitoring network. In addition, the TCEQ conducts a broader analysis of the monitoring needs in Texas every five years since 2010. This five-year assessment evaluates any changes in population, emissions sources, and monitored concentrations to determine whether individual monitors within the network should be added, moved, or decommissioned to best understand and evaluate air quality.

Both the annual monitoring network plan and the five-year assessment discuss the specific air monitors that are used to meet federal air quality standards as well as other monitors that derive additional information on air quality and the weather. Because the plan and assessment are focused on federally required monitoring, they do not include a review of state-initiated monitoring that is conducted in addition to federal requirements. In the case of lead, the TCEQ may also request a waiver of monitoring requirements through the plan and a renewal of any granted waivers in the assessment.

The TCEQ posts the annual monitoring network plan and five-year assessments for 30 days to solicit public comment prior to their submittal to the EPA. The monitoring network plan and any comments received are sent to the EPA by July 1 of each year for review and approval. Monitoring plans and assessments since 2010, as well as TCEQ responses to public comments and responses from EPA Region 6 to these documents, are available at the links below in PDF format.

Monitoring Network Plans and
Lead Waiver Requests


Note: Before 2013, the Annual Monitoring Network Plan was referred to as the Annual Ambient Air Monitoring Network Review.