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Waste Reduction Policy Act

Waste Reduction Policy Act
FileP2 Annual Progress Report Form (PDF)
The Annual Progress report (TCEQ Form 00784) in Portable Document Format (PDF).
Example Pollution Prevention Plans
Links to sector-specific examples of pollution prevention plans.
About the Annual Progress Report (APR)
About the Pollution Prevention (P2) Annual Progress Report: its purpose, applicability, requirements, and schedule.
Instructions for the P2 Annual Progress Report Paper Form
Online Instructions for the Pollution Prevention (P2) Annual Progress Report (APR) paper form.
About the Waste Reduction Policy Act
Reporting requirements under Texas' Waste Reduction Policy Act (WRPA).
Online Data Submission, Updating, and Availability
Instructions on how to submit an online WRPA Annual Progress Report, edit the P2 Contact, view past APR submissions, and how to submit an APR without using STEERS (State of Texas Environmental Electronic Reporting System).
Pollution Prevention Resources
Links to available resources for P2 Planning efforts.
FileWRPA Worksheet 6: Executive Summary (PDF)
The RG-409, "A Guide to Pollution Prevention Planning", Worksheet 6: Executive Summary and Certificate of Completeness and Correctness template in Portable Document Format (PDF).
About Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning
A portal to resources available for the Waste Reduction Policy Act and pollution prevention planning.