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P2 Planning Resources

Links to available resources for P2 Planning efforts.

The links below will take you off the TCEQ Web site. This collection is provided solely as a courtesy to agency customers and comprises resources that agency staff or customers have found to contain useful information. Because the TCEQ has no control over the posting of material to Web sites on this list, the agency cannot take responsibility for the validity of their contents.

U.S. EPA logo

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Pollution Prevention Web site provides general information about P2 practices, the various source reduction programs and initiatives administered by EPA and other organizations, and provides contacts for further information.

E3: The E3: Economy, Energy and Environment Program is a federal technical assistance framework helping communities, manufacturers and manufacturing supply chains adapt and thrive in today's green economy. EPA and five other federal agencies have pooled their resources to support small and medium-sized manufacturers with customized assessments.

Environmental Sustainability Resource Center –includes a searchable index of more than 13,000 technical articles, fact sheets, and case studies about waste-reduction technologies, many of which can be viewed online.

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Zero Waste Network Logo

Zero Waste Network –provides pollution prevention tools that help you identify options to reduce waste and save money including:

RENEW Program Logo

Resource Exchange Network for Eliminating Waste (RENEW) allows you to see materials available at a facility, or post your own materials. Facilities who post materials can avoid disposal costs, and possibly reduce their regulatory burden. Searching available materials helps you find materials for your facility at a reduced cost, often free.

National Pollution Prevention Center logo

National Pollution Prevention Center (NPPC) –offers the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education, which includes dozens of online compendiums dealing with everything from environmental cost accounting to environmental marketing programs.

Iowa Waste Reduction Center: University of Northern Iowa –includes an online database of vendors of pollution prevention technology that can be searched by any combination of city, state, or category.

Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center

TMAC: Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center – a local Texas resource that offers hands-on technical assistance and training to a wide range of businesses including manufacturing, government, and healthcare

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National Pollution Prevention Roundtable –provides a national forum for promoting the development, implementation, and evaluation of efforts to avoid, eliminate, or reduce pollution at the source

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