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About Pollution Prevention (P2) Planning

A portal to resources available for the Waste Reduction Policy Act and pollution prevention planning.
Pollution prevention resources for the State of Texas.



Background about the Waste Reduction Policy Act, its requirements, and resources to help you get the most from planning.

Pollution Prevention Planning
Use the Pollution Prevention Planning Guide to meet the WRPA requirements while reducing risks, eliminating waste, and saving money!

P2 Executive Summary
Worksheet 6 (Word) or Worksheet 6 (PDF) will help you complete the Executive Summary. See Tables 4 and 5 (PDF) for a quick reference on what is required.

P2 Annual Progress Report (APR)
Background information about this report, which WRPA requires some facilities to submit each year.

P2 APR Reporting Forms:
You can download a Word printed version (Word) or a PDF printed version (PDF) and its instructions (PDF).

You may also review our online instructions and examples to help you estimate the amount of waste reduced at its source to meet the P2 Annual Progress Reporting requirements.

Hot Topics

2015 TCEQ Trade Fair and Conference

The 2015 Environmental Trade Fair and Conference will be held May 5-6, 2015. The Waste Reduction Policy Act overview session has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 from 4-5pm.

For more information regarding the TCEQ Trade Fair and Conference, please visit the Environmental Trade Fair & Conference website or contact TCEQ staff at <>.

Revised and New Executive Summaries Due January 1, 2015

Facilities with Pollution Prevention Plans that began in 2010 are required to submit an updated Executive Summary by January 1, 2015.

Additionally, facilities that became Large or Small Quantity Generators of hazardous waste, as wells as facilities that reported on EPA TRI Form R for the first time in 2014, are required to have a P2 Plan in place and an Executive Summary submitted by January 1, 2015.

At this time, these documents are considered past due and need to be submitted as soon as possible.

For further assistance, please contact WRPA staff by email at <> or call 512-239-3143.

Success Stories

Visit the Zero Waste Network Exit the TCEQwebpage to read hundreds of success stories and find a company just like yours that saved money by reducing their waste at its source.

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Reduce Waste and Save Money! Use these links to enhance your P2 efforts!

P2 Resources
These tools can help increase the effectiveness of your pollution prevention plans.

P2 Planner Exit the TCEQ
Use this interactive tool to help prepare your P2 Plan and Executive Summary.

RENEW is a materials-exchange network for industries, businesses, and governmental units who wish to sell surplus materials, by-products, and wastes to those who will reclaim or reuse them.

U.S. EPA Exit the TCEQ
Find additional P2 information and ideas at the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Pollution Prevention website.