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Air Dispersion Modeling

Data files and information on modeling for those who must have it done as part of their new source review air permit applications.

November 22, 2013: New Meteorological Datasets are available for use with AERMOD The Air Dispersion Modeling Team has completed the update of pre-processed meteorological data for the state of Texas using AERMET version 12345. These meteorological datasets are replacing the pre-processed meteorological datasets processed with AERMET version 11059.

Learn More About Pre-Modeling Procedures

Learn More About Modeling Procedures

Modeling Guidance:

  • Guidance – Guidance documents for air dispersion modeling.
  • Interim Guidance - EPA guidance with ADMT supplementary guidance for air dispersion modeling.
  • Policy Memos - Policy Memos for air dispersion modeling.

Modeling Data:

Additional Information

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