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Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 30 Environmental Quality - Air Permitting

A listing and links to files that describe each subchapter of a particular rule. Each has Decision Suport System components specific to that portion of the regulations.
Chapter 39Public Notice
Chapter 101Exit the TCEQGeneral Rules
Chapter 106Exit the TCEQExemptions from Permitting
Chapter 111(Regulation I) - Control of Air Pollution From Visible Emissions and Particulate Matter
Chapter 112(Regulation II) - Control of Air Pollution From Sulphur Compounds
Chapter 113(Regulation III) - Control of Air Pollution From Toxic Materials
Chapter 114Exit the TCEQ(Regulation IV) - Control of Air Pollution From Motor Vehicles
Chapter 115 (Regulation V) - Control of Air Pollution From Volatile Organic Compounds
Chapter 116Exit the TCEQ(Regulation VI) - Control of Air Pollution by Permits For New Construction or Modification
Chapter 117(Regulation VII) - Control of Air Pollution From Nitrogen Compounds
Chapter 118Exit the TCEQ(Regulation VIII) - Control of Air Pollution Episodes
Chapter 122(Regulation XII) - Federal Operating Permits

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