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Directory: Office of the Commissioners

Contacts and phone numbers for the Office of the Commissioners.

MAIN LINE: 512-239-5500
FAX: 239-5533

The area code for all phone numbers is 512 unless otherwise indicated. MC stands for mail code. Please use the indicated mail code when addressing mail to the agency. See TCEQ address information.

Chairman Jon Niermann MC 100 239-5505
Senior Advisor to Chairman Niermann Jim Rizk MC 100 239-5535
Executive Assistant Susie Smith MC 100 239-5531
Commissioner Emily Lindley MC 100 239-5500
Senior Advisor to Commissioner Lindley Morgan Johnson MC 100 239-0649
Executive Assistant Keisha Townsend MC 100 239-5500
Commissioner Bobby Janecka MC 100 239-5500
Senior Advisor to Commissioner Janecka Brody Burks MC 100 239-5537
Executive Assistant Farrah Court MC 100 239-5519

General Counsel

MAIN LINE: 512-239-5525
FAX: 239-5533
General Counsel Mary Smith MC 101 239-5525
Special Assistant Melissa Chao MC 101 239-5234
Alternative Dispute Resolution Kyle Lucas MC 222 239-0687 FAX: 239-4015
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Chief Auditor

MAIN LINE: 512-239-0500
FAX: 239-3333
Chief Auditor Mike Hardison MC 107 239-1322
Executive Assistant Elizabeth (Liz) Nichols MC 107 239-2529
Senior Investigator James P. (Jim) Walker MC 107 239-0502
Audit Services Work Lead Ian Boles MC 107 239-3475
Audit Services Work Lead Vacant MC 107 239-0500
Audit Services Work Lead Gail Zambie MC 107 239-4576
Report Fraud, Waste, or Abuse
Fraud Hotline: 239-0700
Fraud Toll-Free Number: 877-901-0700
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Chief Clerk

MAIN LINE: 512-239-3300
FAX: 239-3311
Chief Clerk Bridget C. Bohac MC 105 239-3300
Executive Assistant Jessi Kaderka MC 105 239-3304
Notice and Public Meetings Section MC 105 239-1201
Manager Brad Patterson MC 105 239-1201
Notice Team Georgia Carroll Warren MC 105 239-3314
Environmental Equity Jaime (Jim) Fernandez MC 105 239-2566
Commissioners/ED Agendas/SOAH Hearings Section MC 105 239-3313
Manager Mehgan Taack MC 105 239-3313
Final Documents Team Melissa Schmidt MC 105 239-3317
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Public Interest Counsel

MAIN LINE: 512-239-6363
FAX: 239-6377
Public Interest Counsel Vic McWherter MC 103 239-6363
Senior Attorney Garrett Arthur MC 103 239-5757
Executive Assistant Julie Albrecht MC 103 239-3141
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