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Agency Deliberations and Decisions

The various hearings, meetings, and other avenues used by the TCEQ to deliberate and make environmental decisions.

Agenda Meetings and Work Sessions

Find links to both past and future Commission agendas and work sessions. These meetings of the commissioners are formal, legal proceedings.

View Pending Matters and File Documents

You can search for documents related to ongoing TCEQ business, as well as file your own documents or comments online.

Public Meetings and Hearings on Permitting

Public meetings, notice and comment hearings, informal public hearings, and contested case hearings on permitting applications.

National Comments Log

Summaries of significant correspondence and other documents that formally present official statements of the TCEQ's position regarding national policies and activities.

Public Representation and Participation

Ways for the public to interact with the TCEQ or otherwise be represented during decision-making.