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Directory: Office of the Executive Director

Contacts and phone numbers for the Office of the Executive Director.

MAIN LINE: 512-239-3900
FAX: 239-3939

The area code for all phone numbers is 512 unless otherwise indicated. MC stands for mail code. Please use the indicated mail code when addressing mail to the agency. See TCEQ address information.

Interim Executive DirectorErin E. ChancellorMC 109239-3900
Chief of StaffSteven ScharMC 109239-3903
Office ManagerDennise BraeutigamMC 109239-0598
ReceptionistVacantMC 109239-3900
Deputy Executive DirectorBrent WadeMC 109239-3900
Special AssistantSusan JohnsonMC 109239-2555

External Relations Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-0010
MEDIA LINE: 239-5000
DirectorRyan ViseMC 118239-5022
Assistant DirectorDavid GreerMC 118239-5344
Budget LiaisonJennifer KellyMC 118239-5973
Creative Media ServicesAaron GallupMC 118239-6157
Publications OrderingSee how to orderMC 118
Public Education SectionMC 118239-3143
ManagerCalen RoomeMC 118239-3143
Pollution Prevention PlanningChris LeahyMC 118239-2427
Events and EducationSusan PalachekMC 118239-3106
Recycling (including electronics)Jacquelyn GreenMC 118239-3109
Toll-Free Number (Television Recycling)855-887-3292
Household Hazardous WasteAlicia FoleyMC 118239-3143
Public Participation in PermittingFernando HinojosaMC 118239-5538
Toll-Free Number (Public Inquiries about Permitting)800-687-4040
Texas Environmental Excellence AwardsSusan PalachekMC 118239-3106
Seminars, Conferences, and WorkshopsJoe BrisenoMC 118239-6781
Pollution Prevention and Recycling TeamCalen RoomeMC 118239-4621
Waste Exchange (RENEW)Coleman NickumMC 118239-2619
Customer Satisfaction SurveyRose ChurchillMC 118239-6454
Toll-Free Number (Customer Service Compact with Texans)855-685-8237
Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program OutreachJuanita Baldwin, SHRM-CP, PHRMC 118239-0105
National Environmental Policy ActColeman NickumMC 118239-2619
Media and Community Relations SectionMC 118239-5000FAX: 239-5010
ManagerLaura LopezMC 118239-5000
Media RelationsMC 118239-5000
TCEQ Blog EditorsMC 118239-5000
Take Care of Texas ProgramElizabeth SimmonsMC 118239-2419
TCOT Outreach Coordinator/Newsletter EditorVacantMC 118239-0010
Publishing SectionMC 118239-0010FAX: 239-5010
ManagerRenee CarlsonMC 118239-4639
This Week and Resource EditorsMC 118239-0010
Webmaster/Lead Internet DeveloperJeff SpencerMC 118239-4548
WebmasterJonathan SmithMC-118239-0035
Publishing Coordinator/EditorRobin BerryMC 118239-4516
Publishing Coordinator/EditorRachel MatvyMC 118239-1652
Design and ProductionTeamKhrystian BriggsMC 118239-0045FAX: 239-0055
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Intergovernmental Relations Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-3500
FAX: 239-3335
DirectorFerrell Fields DamenMC 119239-1882
Executive AssistantChikaodi AgumaduMC 119239-1267
Legislative LiaisonVacantMC 119239-3500
Legislative LiaisonJosh AmadorMC 119239-1883
Legislative LiaisonCameron PoursoltanMC 119239-3970
Border AffairsEddie ModerowMC 119239-0218

Sunset Review Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-3900
Deputy Director for SunsetElizabeth Sifuentez KochMC 109239-4713

Toxicology, Risk Assessment, and Research Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-1795
FAX: 239-1794
Chief Toxicologist
Sabine Lange, Ph.D.MC 168239-3108
ManagerDarrell McCant, M.P.H., DABTMC 168239-4477
Special AssistantMary LeihardtMC 168239-0556
Environmental Research LibraryTony EstradaMC 196239-0020FAX: 239-0022
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