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Directory: Office of Legal Services

Contacts and phone numbers for the Office of Legal Services.

MAIN LINE: 512-239-0600
FAX: 239-0606

The area code for all phone numbers is 512 unless otherwise indicated. MC stands for mail code. Please use the indicated mail code when addressing mail to the agency. See TCEQ address information.

DirectorErin E. ChancellorMC 218239-3426
Executive AssistantJanet McNuttMC 218239-0229
Special CounselTammy MitchellMC 218239-0736
Bankruptcy ProgramBarbara WatsonMC 132239-2044FAX: 239-4704
Budget AnalystLiz WadeMC 173239-6678

Environmental Law Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-0600
FAX: 239-0606
Deputy DirectorCharmaine BackensMC 173239-0634
Executive AssistantElisa GuerraMC 173239-3329
Senior Attorney/AirBooker HarrisonMC 173239-4113
Senior Attorney/WasteGuy HenryMC 173239-6259
Senior Attorney/WaterTodd GaligaMC 173239-3578
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General Law Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-0600
FAX: 239-0606
Deputy DirectorDavid TimbergerMC 173239-2584
Executive AssistantDigna FloresMC 173239-0621
Special CounselKatharine MarvinMC 173239-0452
Senior Attorney/Contracts Employment Law and EthicsYen TranMC 173239-4610
Public Information AttorneyLena RobertsMC 173239-0019
Paralegals and Information TechnologyLaura StephensMC 173239-0984
Legal Secretaries and ReceptionPhyllis PerkinsMC 173239-0632
Texas Register and Rule DevelopmentGwen RiccoMC 205239-2678
Policy Development and BudgetDiana MazucaMC 173239-3504
ProgramSheri LandMC 173239-0627
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Litigation Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-3400
FAX: 239-3434
Deputy DirectorGitanjali YadavMC 175239-2029
Executive AssistantRana SyedMC 173239-5935
Senior Attorney/EnforcementJess RobinsonMC 175239-0455
Senior Attorney/EnforcementAnna TreadwellMC 175239-0974
Senior Attorney/RemediationElizabeth HarkriderMC 175239-2008
Environmental Crimes Unit
ManagerDanny McReynoldsMC 175239-3413
SecretaryShawn McCauleyMC 175239-0690
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