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Directory: Office of Water

Contacts and phone numbers for the Office of Water.

MAIN LINE: 512-239-6696
FAX: 239-5737

The area code for all phone numbers is 512 unless otherwise indicated. MC stands for mail code. Please use the indicated mail code when addressing mail to the agency. See TCEQ address information.

DirectorEarl LottMC 158239-2047
Special AssistantLaurie FleetMC 158239-5445
Executive AssistantShannon HarrisMC 158239-5735
Special CounselKevin McCallaMC 158239-6703
Office Budget LiaisonOluwatosin AwonugaMC 158239-4757

Water Availability Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-4600
FAX: 239-2214
Deputy DirectorKim NygrenMC 160239-4600
Assistant Deputy DirectorKelly Mills, P.G.MC 160239-4512
Special AssistantKathy RamirezMC 160239-6757
Interstate CompactsScott Van Winkle, Ph.D.MC 160239-4696
Budget AnalystSherra Derr, CTCMMC 160239-0422
Technical SpecialistKathy Alexander, Ph.D.MC 160239-0778
Technical SpecialistJason GodeauxMC 160239-2495
Groundwater Planning and Assessment TeamAbiy Berehe, P.G.MC 147239-5480
Water Rights Permitting and Availability SectionMC 160239-4600FAX: 239-2214
ManagerBrooke McGregorMC 160239-2025
Special AssistantJade RutledgeMC 160239-4559
Special AssistantSandra DouglasMC 160239-4600
Resource ProtectionLeslie PattersonMC 160239-6655
Surface Water AvailabilityTrent GayMC 160239-1825
Water Rights PermitsChris KozlowskiMC 160239-1801
Water Rights Compliance AssuranceBert GalvanMC 160239-4013
Compliance Assurance and Business Support SectionMC 160239-4600FAX: 239-2214
ManagerJulie Steger, CTCMMC 160239-1542
Information Technology and Business TeamBailey TalleyMC 160239-0355
Watermaster SectionMC 160239-4600FAX: 239-2214
ManagerJose (Pepe) DavilaMC 160830-773-5059
Watermaster LiaisonStephen KinalMC 160239-4010
Watermaster LiaisonIliana SpaethMC 160239-0067
Brazos WatermasterMolly MohlerWaco254-761-3006
FAX: 254-761-3067
6801 Sanger Ave, Ste 2500
Waco TX 76710-7826
Concho WatermasterVacantSan Antonio210-490-3096
Angela SanderSan Angelo325-481-8069FAX: 325-658-5431
622 S Oakes, Ste K
San Angelo TX 76903-7035
San Angelo325-481-8069
Rio Grande WatermasterAnthony StambaughHarlingen956-430-6056
Harlingen Office:
1804 W Jefferson Ave
Harlingen TX 78550-5247
FAX: 956-430-6052
Eagle Pass Office:
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1185
Eagle Pass TX 78853-1185
Street Address:
1152 Ferry St, Ste E & F
Eagle Pass TX 78852-4367
Eagle Pass830-773-5059FAX: 830-773-4103
South Texas WatermasterVacantSan Antonio210-403-4040
FAX: 210-545-4329
14250 Judson Rd
San Antonio TX 78233-4480
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Water Quality Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-4671
FAX: 239-4430
Deputy DirectorRobert SadlierMC 145239-7047
Assistant Deputy DirectorErika CrespoMC 145239-1827
Special AssistantDania GrundmannMC 145239-3449
Technical SpecialistShannon GibsonMC 145239-4284
Technical SpecialistMaria BenitezMC 145239-6705
Senior Budget AnalystRandy BaylorMC 145239-0225
Executive AssistantCorinne CaudilloMC 145239-4327
Water Quality Division Support SectionMC 145239-4671FAX: 239-4430
ManagerVacantMC 145239-4671
IT Specialist TeamKim NguyenMC 145239-5608
Customer Information and Assistance TeamLeigh FloresMC 145239-0361
Applications Review and Processing TeamErwin MadridMC 145239-2191
Wastewater Permitting SectionMC 148239-4671FAX: 239-4430
ManagerMatthew UdenenwuMC 148239-6922
Industrial PermitsMike LindnerMC 148239-3045
Municipal PermitsFiroj VahoraMC 148239-4540
Stormwater TeamRebecca VillalbaMC 148239-4784
Pretreatment TeamColleen CookMC 148239-4603
Water Quality Assessment SectionMC 150239-4671FAX: 239-4430
ManagerGregg EasleyMC 150239-4539
CAFO TeamCharles W. Schneider, P.EMC 150239-1379
Biosolids TeamBrian SierantMC 148239-1375
Water Quality Assessment TeamAmancio GutierrezMC 150239-4316
Standards Implementation TeamPeter SchaeferMC 150239-4372
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Galveston Bay Estuary ProgramLisa MarshallHouston281-486-1244

Water Quality Planning Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-6682
FAX: 239-1414
Deputy DirectorLori HamiltonMC 203239-3169
Assistant Deputy DirectorAmy SettemeyerMC 203239-2588
Executive AssistantBrenda DenhamMC 203239-5607
Technical SpecialistJill CsekitzMC 234239-3136
Division Budget LiaisonCarla VannMC 203239-5623
Planning and Implementation SectionMC 203239-6682FAX: 239-1414
ManagerKerry NiemannMC 203239-0483
Total Maximum Daily Load ProgramNicole HallMC 203239-6609
Non Point Source TeamFaith HambletonMC 203239-1764
Galveston Bay Estuary ProgramMC 208281-218-6461FAX: 281-218-6807
ManagerLisa MarshallMC 208281-486-1244
Administrative AssistantAlejandra TrevinoMC 208281-486-1247
17041 El Camino Real, Ste 210
Houston TX 77058
Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries ProgramMC 207
Program AdministratorCory HoranMC 203239-4026FAX: 239-1414
Texas A & M University - CC
NRC Building, Ste 3300
6300 Ocean Dr, Unit 5863
Corpus Christi TX 78412
Sugar Land Laboratory281-269-8300FAX: 512-239-1414
ManagerSamantha Davila281-269-8303
12553 West Airport Blvd
Sugar Land TX 77478
Monitoring and Assessment SectionMC 234239-6682FAX: 239-1414
ManagerKyle GirtenMC 234239-0425
Surface Water Quality MonitoringAndrew SullivanMC 234239-4587
Clean Rivers ProgramVacantMC 234239-6682
Data Management and AnalysisCathy AndersonMC 234239-1805
Water Quality Standards GroupVacantMC 234239-6682
Division Support SectionMC 141239-6682FAX: 239-1414
ManagerDarrin JonesMC 141239-1870
Administrative AssistantAudrey McKelveyMC 141239-1506
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Water Supply Division

MAIN LINE: 512-239-4691
FAX: 239-2214
Deputy DirectorCari-Michel La CailleMC 154239-6479FAX: 239-6145
Assistant Deputy DirectorPatricia WiseMC 154239-2240
Special AssistantJennelle CraneMC 154239-6118
Special AssistantVacantMC 154239-4691
Executive AssistantEria HarveyMC 154239-6104
Drinking Water Standards SectionMC 155239-4691FAX: 239-0030
ManagerMichele RiskoMC 155239-1689
Special AssistantVacantMC 155239-4691
Drinking Water Assessment TeamLaurie HigginsMC 155239-2354
Drinking Water QualityKasy StinsonMC 155239-4722
Drinking Water Special Functions SectionMC 155239-4691FAX: 239-0030
ManagerSteven SwierengaMC 155239-6611
Special AssistantSean AblesMC 155239-1758
Drinking Water Inventory and Protection TeamJacolyn SaldanaMC 155239-4445
Technical SpecialistLeticia DeleonMC 155239-4978
Drinking Water Technical Review TeamJames La MannaMC 155239-2374
Districts SectionMC 152239-4691FAX: 239-6972
ManagerJustin TaackMC 152239-0418
Districts BondDaniel FinneganMC 152239-6486
Districts Creation ReviewMichael BriscoeMC 152239-4406
Plans and Technical Review SectionMC 159239-4691
ManagerJoel KlumppMC 159239-4453
Special AssistantVacantMC 159239-4691
Plan ReviewVera Poe, P.E.MC 159239-6988
Corrosion Control and Disinfection Protocol TeamVacantMC 155239-4691
Technical Review and OversightStephanie EscobarMC 159239-2439
Emergency Preparedness & Response SectionMC 155239-4691FAX: 239-6972
ManagerBrittney Wortham-TeakellMC 155239-4392
Homeland SecurityLeticia DeleonMC 155239-4978
Texas Optimization & Response TeamBrian MatthewsMC 155239-4972
Resiliency & Preparedness TeamVacantMC 155239-4691
Business Support SectionMC 157239-4691FAX: 239-2214
ManagerBen ShieldsMC 157239-5054
Budget AnalystVacantMC 157239-4691
Contract SupportSugam ShresthaMC 157239-4136
Grant ManagerJimmy LancasterMC 157239-6608
Administrative Assistant/Public Information RequestsHazel HallMC 157239-4310
Administrative AssistantAmy VargasMC 157239-5271
Administrative AssistantMinnette McCormick-GeeMC 157239-4676
Administrative AssistantBrittany CookMC 157239-4725
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