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Accessibility for Contract Deliverables

All entities (individuals, companies, and organizations) contracted with TCEQ are required to produce contract deliverables that comply with state accessibility standards.

TCEQ Accessibility Standards

Requirement for Electronic and Information Resources

State accessibility standards are defined in the Texas Administrative Code (1TAC 213 & 1TAC 206.50 ). All Electronic and Information Resources (EIR) procured by TCEQ must meet these accessibility standards.

EIR includes contract deliverables that are documents, computer hardware/software, images, applications, and webpages. Regarding documents, contractors are required to provide TCEQ with documents that comply with accessibility standards.

Web-Content Accessibility Guidelines

1TAC 206.50(a)(1) requires contracted deliverables to meet the standards referenced in US Section 508 Appendix C Chapter 7 §702.10 (WCAG 2.0 Level AA , excluding Guideline 1.2 Time Based Media). WCAG guidelines are based on the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C ) and ensure all resources offer equal access opportunities to the public.

Accessibility Resources for Contractors

Office 365 Accessibility Tutorials

The Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities offers Office 365 video tutorials on document accessibility. These tutorials serve as recommended best practices for making Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents accessible.

PDF Accessibility Tutorials

TCEQ offers PDF video tutorials on document accessibility. These tutorials cover how to make PDF documents accessible in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

EIR Accessibility Procedures

The TCEQ Developer Accessibility Guide for Contractors gives guidance to contractors and others involved in the creation, maintenance, or procurement of EIR.

Contact Information

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