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Fees Assessed by the TCEQ

Through various programs, we collect more than 100 fees.

Fees We Collect

application/pdfAir Emissions Fee
Fee based on tons of pollution emitted.

application/pdfAir Inspection Fee
Fee assessed for accounts that fall under a SIC code listed in the fee rule.

application/pdfBeneficial Land Use and Surface Disposal Fees
Fee based on the amount of Class B sewage sludge, domestic septage, or water treatment sludge that is applied to land for beneficial use or disposed of on the surface.

Consolidated Water Quality Fee
Fee collected from entities that have an individual wastewater permit.

application/pdfFacility Fee
Fee assessed on each facility that either holds a Class 1 industrial solid waste or hazardous waste permit or operates Class 1 industrial solid waste or hazardous waste management units subject to permit authorization.

application/pdfGeneral Permit Stormwater and General Permit Wastewater Fee
Fee assessment determined by which general permit or permit by rule applies.

Innocent Owner/Operator Program Fee
Fee assessed on applicants under the Innocent Owner/Operator Program.

application/pdfMunicipal Solid Waste Reporting and Disposal Fee
Fee required of facilities that dispose of municipal solid waste in Texas or process MSW for disposal in the state.

Petroleum Product Delivery Fee
Fee assessed on the delivery of a petroleum product received from a bulk storage facility for distribution or sale within Texas.

Public Health Service Fee
Fee collected from operators of public drinking water systems.

application/pdfPublic Water System RequirementsAdobe Acrobat PDF Document (See Subchapter E for Fees)
Fee for services provided to public water systems by the TCEQ.

application/pdfToxics Release Inventory Reporting Fee
Fee assessed on each facility that is required to report under the TRI.

application/pdfVoluntary Cleanup Program Fee
Fee assessed to cover costs incurred by the TCEQ in providing oversight, review, and approval of certain environmental cleanup projects.

application/pdfWaste Generation Fee
Fee charged on each generator of hazardous waste and/or industrial Class 1 waste.

Water Use Assessment Fee
Exemptions, fee rates, and timeline for the Water Use Assessment Fee.

application/pdfWatermaster Assessment Fee
Fee paid by water right holders to support the activities of a watermaster, a state official who administers water rights.

Fees and Delinquency

Delinquent Fees and Penalties Will Affect Processing Your Application
We do not issue, amend, or renew permits, registrations, certifications, or licenses to an entity or person who is delinquent on any penalties or fees.

Charges to Delinquent Accounts for Recovery of Collection Costs
We charge delinquent accounts for the recovery of collection costs.