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Open TCEQ Solicitations

How To Search Open Solicitations with the TCEQ.

For information on contract solicitations with TCEQ, go to the Electronic State Business Daily (ESDB)

  1. Pick Tx Comm on Environ Quality - 582 from the Agency drop down field.
  2. Select other desired search criteria.
  3. Click on the "Search" button.

The resulting list provides requested contracts with TCEQ. To get more detailed information on each solicitation, click on the solicitation's name listed.
NOTE: The Electronic State Business Daily site shows all bidding opportunities for contracts over $25,000. If budget estimates are needed for specific solicitations, please contact the appropriate party as identified on the posting.

Fraud Alert 

The Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) has been notified of several instances of fraudulent purchase orders being distributed to vendors, unbeknownst to the “issuing” state agency. 

The fraudulent orders appear to utilize a screen capture of an actual agency purchase order taken from the agency’s website with slight variations made to actual staff email addresses. The orders also contain a delivery address that is controlled by the perpetrator, not the agency. The purchase orders contain hyphens (-) rather than periods (.) in the email address extensions. In addition, some of the delivery addresses appear to be to personal residences, apartments or warehouses. So far, all fraudulent purchase orders have contained IT-related commodity items. 

Example of fraudulent email address:

What You Can Do

    • Please notify all relevant procurement and contracting TCEQ staff of any such purchase orders.