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Top Subjects of Interest: Used and Scrap Tire Management

A scrap tire is one that can no longer be used for its original intended purpose. Find out if your used or scrap tire activity is regulated, if you need to register, and how to dispose of tires or report illegal dumping. Regulated activities include scrap tire transportation, storage, processing, recycling, energy recovery from tires, and land reclamation using tires.

  • Tire Disposal for the Public
    Removing unwanted or abandoned tires, reporting illegal dumping, and information about landfills that accept tires or tire pieces.
  • Registered Scrap Tire Transporters and Management Facilities Microsoft Excel
    Find registered scrap tire generators, transporters, storage sites, scrap tire facilities including processing or recycling operations, or energy recovery facilities (including thermal decomposition), and land reclamation projects using tires.
  • Beneficial Use Projects Using Tires
    Find the criteria and guidance for projects utilizing scrap tires for beneficial uses.
  • Management of Scrap Tires in the Border Region
    Challenges and concerns about managing scrap tires in the border area and links to state and federal resources.
  • Rules
    30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 328, Subchapter F establishing state procedures and requirements for the safe storage, transportation, processing, utilization, and disposal of used or scrap tires or tire pieces. If you manage used or scrap tires or tire pieces you must also follow all local ordinances and regulations. Texas Health and Safety Code Chapters 365 and 341
  • Regulated Activities
    Registration, application and other requirements for scrap tire generators; transporters; storage sites; facilities including processing or recycling operations, and energy recovery from tires (including thermal decomposition); and land reclamation projects using tires.
  • Annual Reporting and Report Summaries
    Used and scrap tire transporters, storage sites, and facilities that process, recycle, or recover energy from tires must keep records of tire management and transfer using a manifest system, and file annual reports.