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Request Reimbursement

On this page you will find all the instructions and forms you need to submit a Request for Reimbursement (RFR) for your TxVEMP grant.

How to Request Reimbursement

Take color photos of your new equipment. Photos may be printed on a traditional color printer or saved to a CD or thumb drive. Photos are required for each activity submitted in the Request for Reimbursement (RFR) Form. For each activity, we need clear color photos of:

  • A side view of the new equipment showing the equipment front to back and top to bottom.
  • The new engine label in the engine bay or on the engine itself that provides the engine make, model, serial number, engine family code, and manufacture year. Activities that include electric motors do not need to provide pictures of the engine label.
    • Some engines have all this information on one sticker, while others have multiple stickers. You will need this information to complete the RFR Forms. Take as many photos needed to ensure that you have clearly captured all of the information requested above.
  • Repower projects also require photos of the new engine, installed, from several different angles.

Gather all of the documents you will need to complete the RFR Forms. You will need:

  • A copy of your TxVEMP contract for reference.
  • The photos you took in Step 1.
  • Proof of purchase that provides details on the equipment purchased and the price. This may take the form of an invoice, bill of sale, purchase order, etc.
  • Proof of payment that provides details on how you paid for your equipment.
    • Did you pay for the equipment entirely out of pocket or make a down payment? If so, we will need a copy of your method of payment such as a check, wire, cashier's check, etc.
    • Did you finance or lease the equipment? If so, we will need a copy of the agreement that details the terms and conditions of your loan or lease.

Complete the RFR forms using the documents from Step 2 and the instructions provided within forms:

Helpful tips for completing the RFR Forms:

  • You may print the forms first and fill them out by hand, or fill out the forms on your computer and then print. Signatures, however, must be original in blue or black ink.
  • On Page 1 of the forms, please make sure to sign the Performing Party’s Certification.
  • Sign the Release of Claims section if this is your only and/or last request for reimbursement under your contract. If you have more activities under your contract to request payment for, please do not sign this section.
  • On Page 2 of the forms, you will need to provide an address where you would like your reimbursement to be mailed. Please note the instructions for this section begin on the bottom of Page 1.
    • If you paid for the new equipment in full OR you paid more than the grant amount as a down payment, please provide your address. You may also disregard the bottom section that discusses assignment.
    • If you financed or leased your equipment, you may assign the reimbursement to your financing or leasing company to credit your loan or lease. You may need someone at the financing or leasing company to help you fill out Page 2. In order to assign reimbursement, we will need signatures from you and someone authorized to sign on behalf of your financing or leasing company.
  • On Page 3, please provide the information requested for the NEW equipment. If you have more activities than rows, print copies of the "Additional RFR Activity Pages" above.
    • Page 3 will require you to reference your proof of purchase to fill out the equipment information. The engine information will come from the photos you took in Step 1. If you have an electric motor, leave the engine information columns blank.
  • Once you have filled out the forms, and have all necessary signatures, put the forms in an envelope along with the proof of purchase, proof of payment, and color photos of the equipment and engine plates. You have now completed your Request for Reimbursement (RFR) Packet.

RFR packets may be submitted via electronic mail to or via mail to one of the addresses below:

Regular Post Delivery:
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Air Grants Division
Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (TxVEMP), MC-204
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Express Delivery:
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Air Grants Division
Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (TxVEMP), MC-204
12100 Park 35 Circle
Austin, TX 78753

We will be reaching out to you to confirm information submitted in your RFR and to request additional information. Please make sure to provide us with the most up to date contact information on the forms. We will need to speak with you before we can approve your request.

Wilmington Trust will be issuing your reimbursement to the address provided on Page 2 via the US Postal Service. If you assigned your payment to a financing or leasing company, we suggest that you follow up with them 60 days after you receive RFR confirmation from the TCEQ. You may also be able to refer to your statement or payment history for confirmation.