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San Antonio Air Quality Technical Information Meeting

A meeting to present technical and scientific information related to air quality modeling and analysis in the San Antonio nonattainment area.

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August 16, 2021
Presentation Presenter
Introduction and Comments Brian Foster — TCEQ, Diane Rath — AACOG
Update on Planning Activities for the Bexar County Ozone Nonattainment Area Brian Foster — TCEQ
EPA Update Erik Snyder and Carrie Paige — Region 6, EPA
Bexar County Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program Sarah Thomas — TCEQ
Ozone Modeling Platform Development Cara Scalpone — TCEQ
Ozone Formation in the San Antonio Area Kasey Savanich — TCEQ
Large Area Emission Survey, Result Summary Anthony Miller, Ph.D. — Entanglement Technologies, Inc., City of San Antonio
Business-Focused Ozone Precursor Monitoring Program Shane Siebenaler - Southwest Research Institute

Background on Air Quality Modeling and Analysis

The TCEQ uses computer models to simulate how changes in emissions, economic conditions, and population will affect air quality in nonattainment areas, or regions that do not meet federal health standardsExit the TCEQ. The TCEQ evaluates air quality trends and studies how pollutants form concentrations that may be harmful to human health. These analyses contribute to the state's plan to address areas not meeting the federal air quality standards.

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