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Request Reimbursement

If you have received your fully signed contract, follow the steps below to request reimbursement.

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How to Request Reimbursement

  • You can buy or lease your new equipment from any dealer in the United States, at auction, etc.
  • You cannot buy or lease from a direct family member, friend, neighbor, etc.
  • You should ask for a detailed invoice when you buy or lease your equipment.

Required Photos

You must submit clear, color photos of the following:

  • A side view of the new equipment showing the entire vehicle
  • The stickers in the engine bay or on the engine itself that clearly show the engine make, model, serial number, engine family code, and manufacture year
    • Some engines have all this information on one sticker, while others have multiple stickers. Take as many photos as needed to ensure you have all the information required.
  • Repower projects also require photos of the new engine, installed, from several different angles.

Example Photos

Equipment Side View
Equipment Side view
Engine Plate
Engine plate

Submitting Your Photos

If you are submitting photos via email:

  • Label each photo with the activity number and a short description, for example: Activity 1- Side View.
  • Then for each activity, combine all the required photos in one document. This document can be PDF or Word. Label it per activity, for example: Activity1, Activity2, etc.

If you are submitting printed photos:

  • Please use a pen or marker and label the back of each photo with the activity number, for example: Activity 1.
  • Using a paper clip, combine all the required photos in one packet and label it per activity, for example: Activity1, Activity2, etc.

Gather the following documents:

  • The photos from Step 2
  • Proof of purchase or lease (invoice, bill of sale, purchase order, lease document, etc.)
  • Proof of payment
    • If you purchased it outright or made a down payment, you must submit a copy of your method of payment (cancelled check, wire, cashier’s check, credit card statement, bank statement, itemized receipt, etc.).
    • If you financed or leased, you must submit a copy of the agreement that details the terms and conditions.

Submit by email to

  • You can use electronic signatures or print, sign, and scan back into your computer as a PDF.

Submit by mail:

  • You can print the forms first and fill them out by hand or complete the forms on your computer, then print; either is acceptable.
  • Signatures must be original in blue or black ink.

Regular Post Delivery
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Air Grants Division
Reimbursement Section, MC-204
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711-3087

Express Delivery
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Air Grants Division
Reimbursement Section, MC-204
12100 Park 35 Circle
Building F, 1st Floor, Room 1301
Austin, TX 78753

Helpful Tips

  • Only sign the Release of Claims section if this is your only and/or last request for reimbursement on this contract (this is the most common). If you have more activities to request payment for, do not sign this section.

If you fully paid for the new equipment with non-borrowed funds or you paid more than the grant amount as a down payment:

  • Enter your mailing address on the top of Page 2 of the form.
  • Disregard the Assignment Request and Acceptance Section.

If you financed or leased your equipment:

  • You will need to assign the reimbursement to your finance or lease company (they will receive your reimbursement and will need to credit your loan or lease).
  • You may need your dealer or someone at the financing or leasing company to help you fill out page 2 of the form.
  • We need your signature as well as a signature from someone authorized to sign on behalf of your financing or leasing company.
  • Sending your reimbursement to a payment processing center could result in a delay if it is lost. We recommend providing an address on the form that goes to someone who knows how to process the reimbursement when it arrives.

Tell us about the new equipment you purchased:

  • Most requests for reimbursement will only require one copy of this page. If additional Activity Detail Tables are required, please duplicate this page.
  • For on-road grants, reference your proof of purchase (invoice, bill of sale, purchase order) and vehicle Registration Renewal Receipt to find the equipment make, model, year, and ID.
  • Registration Receipt
  • The engine make, model, serial number, year, and family code will come from the stickers in the engine bay or on the engine itself (use the photos you took in Step 2). If you have an electric motor, write “electric motor” and leave the rest blank.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On average, it takes between 30-45 days to receive your reimbursement check, but factors like the complexity and completeness of your request, timely communication from parties involved, any amendments that may be needed for your contract, etc. may delay the process.

  • Once you have received confirmation that your reimbursement has been paid, you can move forward with destroying your old equipment, which is typically required within 90 days of your reimbursement payment. Please see Meet Your Disposition Requirements for more information.

  • No. All our programs are reimbursement programs, which means you cannot get your grant money until you have bought/financed/leased your new equipment and taken possession of/had the new equipment installed.

  • Yes! You may request reimbursement in stages on any contract that has multiple activities, but please combine multiple activities into a single RFR when possible.

  • That depends. Our contracts only pay up to a certain percentage of the total cost of the new equipment and it varies by program. Please review your contract and/or the program RFGA to determine what that percentage is. If you pay less than expected in your initial application for the program, you may see a change to your grant amount.


If you have an ERIG or Rebate contract, we will reimburse up to 80% of the incremental cost of the new equipment, minus $1,000 for the assumed scrap value and any other financial incentives you may have received. If you have a grant for $120,000 and you purchased a new piece of equipment for $100,000, your grant will be reduced to $79,200.

($100,000 - $1,000) x 80% = $79,200

Please refer to the Texas DMV website: