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Cost per Ton Estimator for Heavy-Duty, Non-Road Equipment and Engines

For the Texas Hydrogen Infrastructure, Vehicle, and Equipment (THIVE) Program. Estimate your reduction in NOx emissions and discover how competitive your grant application might be.


For each heavy-duty, non-road piece of equipment or engine you would like to replace, use this estimator to determine the:

  • cost per ton of NOx reduced, and
  • total reduction of NOx emissions.

This tool provides estimates based solely on the information you submit. We compute the final values.

Should you have a replacement scenario that this estimator does not address, please email

Data You’ll Need

Look up the following in the THIVE Non-Road Technical Supplement to enter into the fields below:

  • Engine Load Factor
  • Family Emissions Limit (optional)
  • Hours per year the equipment or engine is used

Also, in the THIVE Non-Road Technical Supplement, you can find details about how we calculate emissions reductions and cost per ton, or complete the calculations yourself.

Example for Multiple Pieces of Equipment or Engines

You are requesting $50,000, $75,000, and $100,000 to replace three agricultural tractors with hydrogen fuel cell equivalents. They have 2002 diesel engines that are rated at 75 horsepower and operate 95% of the time in an eligible county.

This will reduce the NOX emissions by 0.8920 tons per engine. Divide the total amount you requested, $225,000, by your total reduction of NOX emissions, 2.6760 tons. This results in a cost per ton of $84,080.72.

$225,000 ÷ 2.6760 tons = $84,080.72 per ton

About This Grant

Visit the THIVE webpage for eligibility and how to apply.

Enter Your Information

Your Old Engine

For more information about load factors, see the THIVE Non-Road Technical Supplement.

Unless you enter a family emissions limit for this engine, the estimator will use the standard emission rate for the horsepower category of your engine, when available. Many engines do not have a family emissions limit. See the THIVE Non-Road Technical Supplement for information about family emissions limits.

Your New Engine

Your Contract Length, Engine Usage, and Time in Eligible Areas

These counties use a different formulation of diesel fuel that the estimator will take into account in the calculations.

Your Requested Grant Amount

Your Estimated Cost Per Ton

Emission Standard for Your Old Equipment or Engine
Emission Standard for Your New Equipment or Engine
Standard Annual Usage
Total NOx Reductions
Cost Per Ton