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Waste Designation Decision Matrix - Test Answers

This page is the waste designation decision matrix provided by the Small Business and Local Government Assistance program to aid businesses in deciding how certain wastes must be handled.

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1) You have a gallon jug of spent Hydrofluoric Acid. It has a tested pH of 1.2 and was used in etching glass. It is relatively clear (clarity) and has not been mixed with any other contaminants.
     D002 for Corrosivity

2) You have a half-full original container of pesticide. The ingredients read: 17% Endrin and 83% inactive ingredients. It is in solid form.
     D012 for Endrin Characteristic
     P051 for Listed Waste Endrin

3) A 55-gallon drum of unused acetone (flashpoint -20 degrees Fahrenheit) that has expired and needs to be disposed of properly.
     U002 for Listed Waste Acetone
     D001 for Ignitable Characteristic

4) A 55-gallon drum of spent/used acetone solvent rags.
     F003 for Used Solvent Acetone

5) After you empty the rags from the aforementioned drum, you discover about a gallon of spent acetone solvent in the bottom.
     D001 for Ignitable Characteristic
     F003 for Used Solvent Acetone

6) You find a one-gallon bottle of unused "ABC Goo" which is a primary ingredient in your widget making product. The product has expired. The SDS lists the contents as: 30% Acetone, 30% Benzene, 40% inactive ingredients. Flashpoint: 151 degrees Fahrenheit.
     D018 for Benzene Characteristic

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