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Land Disposal Restrictions

This is the waste designation decision matrix provided by the Small Business and Local Government Assistance Program to aid businesses in deciding how certain wastes must be handled.

Once you have identified that you have a hazardous waste per the matrix and have assigned the proper 4-digit waste codes (example: D001, D008, and F003) it is then necessary to identify WHAT to do with these wastes. Since hazardous wastes are not acceptable to a normal landfill, treatments must be identified that will render the waste safe for land disposal. All hazardous wastes have Land Disposal Restrictions (LDRs). These are very tricky. This may be best handled by your waste management company or a consultant.

Key Provisions of The LDRs

The EPA establishes waste-specific treatment standards for all waste streams; standards must be met prior to any land disposal.

Though it is ultimately the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) responsibility to insure that all restricted waste has been treated to meet the standard, the generator must prepare an LDR notification and/or certification to accompany each shipment of hazardous waste.

The TSDF must insure and certify that all restricted wastes have been treated to meet the applicable LDR treatment standard.

Treatment cannot be evaded by long-term storage.

Waste cannot be diluted to meet a standard; actual treatment must take place.

A table located at 40 CFR 268 contains the treatment standards for all restricted wastes.