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Waste Designation Decision Matrix - Other Considerations

This is the waste designation decision matrix provided by the Small Business and Local Government Assistance Program to aid businesses in deciding how certain wastes must be handled.

40 CFR 261.6Exit the TCEQ contains special requirements for "Recyclable Materials":

  • Many are regulated under 40 CFR 266Exit the TCEQ.
  • Some are excluded from most RCRA regulatory requirements; examples include reclaimed industrial ethyl alcohol, used batteries returned to the manufacturer for regeneration, and scrap metal.
  • Some recyclable materials may be subject to relaxed requirements under the universal waste rule. Learn more about Managing Hazardous Waste as Universal Waste

Containers that are "empty" as defined under 40 CFR 261.7(b)(1) &(2)Exit the TCEQ are not a hazardous waste unless they previously contained an acutely hazardous waste (P-list and a few F-listed wastes).

Containers that held an acutely hazardous waste must be cleaned and managed in accordance with 40 CFR 261.7(b)(3)Exit the TCEQ .