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Waste Designation Decision Matrix - F and K Listed Wastes

This is the waste designation decision matrix provided by the Small Business and Local Government Assistance Program to aid businesses in deciding how certain wastes must be handled.

This matrix is provided as an assistance tool. It cannot be used as a substitute for following applicable city, state, and federal laws.

The F and K Lists

The EPA identified certain processes that were notorious for producing hazardous wastes. The general, or nonspecific sources, are on the F list. The best, or most common example is solvents (Acetone is F003). Production wastes, from specific sources, carry K list codes. These are very specific (and relatively rare) waste streams, such as the dust from the production of steel in an electric furnace (K061).

Check the F list. Check the K list.

Make a note of the appropriate code for the waste you have for use later in the decision matrix.

To determine if additional waste codes apply

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