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Geometric Mean Calculator for Wastewater

Interactive spreadsheet to compute the geometric mean on a set of numbers to assist with completion of discharge monitoring reports (DMR) for domestic wastewater facilities.


  1. Open the Geometric Mean Calculator spreadsheet.
  2. Determine the frequency of bacterial sampling required in your permit.
  3. Enter lab data (bacteria sampling results) in the appropriate cells on the sheet.
  4. If a sample result is zero, enter a 1 in that cell.
  5. The geometric mean will be calculated automatically.
  6. Enter the geometric mean result onto your DMR.

Note: For permits requiring once-per-month sampling, the lab data IS the geometric mean to enter in the DMR.

The formula for calculating geometric mean is the nth root of the product of all monitoring data.
(N1 * N2 * N3...)(1/Count)

Download Spreadsheet:

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Download the Geometric Mean Calculator Spreadsheet Microsoft Excel


  • CFU—colony forming units per 100 milliliters
  • DMR—discharge monitoring report
  • MPN—most probable number per 100 milliliters

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