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Rio Grande International Water Accounting - Fort Quitman, Texas

Documents and information pertaining to the TCEQ’s position on Rio Grande water distribution between the United States and Mexico.


Many government entities and water right holders firmly believe, and the evidence points to the fact that the waters of the Rio Grande below El Paso are allocated entirely to the United States under the 1906 Convention with Mexico. The IBWC has historically allocated 50 percent of this water to Mexico when it reaches Fort Quitman, Texas. Fort Quitman is where the 1944 Treaty on the Rio Grande begins. We believe this water belongs entirely to the United States. Allocating the water to Mexico deprives our Texas users of their water supplies.


The United States and Mexico have a long history of cooperation and conflict over the equitable distribution of water rights from the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo). The International Boundary and Water Commission manages the distribution of water from the river to each of the countries. Disagreements are particularly acute during times of drought, which the area has been experiencing since the fall of 2010. In the spring of 2012, a number of governmental and stakeholder groups reinitiated protests of the IBWC's accounting of waters passing the stream flow gauge at Fort Quitman, Texas.

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