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Environmental Issues in the Texas Portion of the U.S.-Mexico Border Area

The TCEQ has three regional offices along the border, as well as a Border Affairs team that focuses on cross-border, binational efforts and other activities related to environmental conditions in areas near the border.

Texas-Tamaulipas Technical Exchange on Vehicle Emissions

In the border region, as in the rest of Texas, we work to improve the environment in a number of ways, including monitoring air and water quality and enforcing regulations and permits. Much of this is done through our regional offices in El Paso, Laredo, and Harlingen.

A summary of the special border activities of all our divisions is contained in the TCEQ Border Initiative.

Interacting with all the involved divisions, we have a dedicated Border Affairs team that supports TCEQ’s programs in the border region by working with multiple parties in Texas and Mexico. This team collaborates with local communities, environmental groups, industry, trade associations, and other agencies, and acts as Texas’ point group in the U.S.-Mexico Border 2025 Environmental Program, a partnership between federal, state, and local governments in the region.

Following are links to pages related to the binational Border 2020 program, other activities involving the TCEQ's Border Affairs team, additional activities of the TCEQ in the border region, and external sources of information on this region.

U.S.-Mexico Border 2025 Environmental Program

Texas-Tamaulipas-Nuevo León-Coahuila ("Four-State") Regional Workgroup

Information on Subject-Specific Programs and Projects

Environmental Agreements with Neighboring Mexican States

Other Sites of Interest to the Border Region

Organizations Created as a Result of the Environmental Side Agreement to NAFTA

For more information, contact TCEQ Border Affairs.