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TCEQ’s 'Special Projects' Funded by EPA

Since 2008, the EPA has awarded grant funding to the Border Affairs team to contract for a number of “special projects” related to air quality or energy generation and use in the border region.

The team has contracted with appropriate outside parties to implement these projects:

  1. Maintain an existing network of digital cameras in West Texas.
  2. Operate existing border air monitoring stations in the Upper, Middle and Lower Rio Grande Valley and enter data into the EPA's Air Quality Systems.
  3. Operate and maintain El Paso del Norte Airshed real time Communication Network.
  4. Coordinate the Joint Advisory Committee's Exit the TCEQactivities in El Paso del Norte Area.
  5. Support the Border 2020 program for the Texas- New Mexico- Chihuahua and the Tamaulipas-Nuevo Leon -Coahuila Regional Workgroups.
  6. Perform updates in all three continuous air quality monitoring stations in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico by installing new zero-air generators, new date loggers, new gas calibrators, new indoor temperature sensors, and upgrade the inlet sampling lines. These upgrades assisted the city's ecology department to register ad upload data to Mexico's air monitoring national website SINAICAExit the TCEQ.
  7. Collaborate with Ysleta del Sur del Pueblo to assist them with training and enhance their knowledge on how to develop an air monitoring program.
  8. Promote PACE Exit the TCEQ(Property- Assessed Clean Energy)in a Box in the border counties.