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Maintaining Public Access to TCEQ Web Information

Our policy on safeguarding TCEQ information assets, and blocking access in certain cases.

We are required to make public information available. As a convenience to the general public, we make much of this information available through our website, including information from several of our databases.

We are also required by law to safeguard specific information and all of our information assets (Title 1,Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 202.20 ). For instance, we are required to protect agency information and information assets against unauthorized access, modification or destruction, as well as to assure the availability and integrity of the information. The TCEQ monitors and logs all internet activities coming to our network for potential malicious attempts and/or virus/malware. Any activities that are suspected to contain malicious codes/patterns will be automatically blocked for a period of time.

Therefore, if anyone deliberately or accidentally compromises or threatens to make our information unavailable to the public, or compromises our ability to conduct business, we reserve the right to block their access to our information so that we may continue to perform our delegated responsibilities and ensure that information remains available to the public.