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Searching the TCEQ Site

Tips for searching the TCEQ website.

The query you type in can be a single word or groups of words. If you type in a group of words, documents containing any of these words will be returned.

If you want to search for a phrase, it needs to be enclosed in double quotes. There can be more than one word in the query with each term separated from the others by any combination of operators (+ or -). Simply type your query into the text box and click on the search button.


"carbon particulates"
Documents that contain the phrase "carbon particulates" will be found. The search result may also contain documents with both words separately, but it will contain at least one instance of the words as they are in the search phrase. This means that the word "particulates" must appear right after the word "carbon" in order for it to match the search.
carbon +and
By default, the search automatically ignores common words such as "and" or "or." Use a plus (+) sign in front of a common word if it is necessary for the search engine to search for a common word.
carbon -particulates
This would find all of the documents that have the word "carbon" but do not also have the word "particulates."
carbon -particulates "coal deposits"
This would find all of the pages that contain the word "carbon" and the phrase "coal deposits," but only if the word "particulates" didn't also appear.